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Are You Caring for Your Contacts Properly?


It can be somewhat confusing navigating the eye care aisle of some supermarkets. Nevertheless as daunting as it is, it's crucial to understand proper lens care. Those who aren't suitably caring for their contact lenses, risk developing a variety of eye infections including some that may result in vision loss. Improper care can lead to damaged contacts, or even worse, eye infections or abrasions, which on occasion results in vision loss. Any individuals that are not capable of properly taking care of their contacts may want to opt for an alternate form of vision correction.

Not to worry, though... proper lens care is easier than you may think. With ''multipurpose'' solutions and one-use lenses, tending to your lenses is less expensive, takes less time and involves less effort than in the past. Still, there are several necessary instructions to be aware of.

Firstly it's always best to speak to your optometrist to receive personalized advice. In addition, make sure you don't change your care routine without consulting with your optometrist first. Certain solutions are not compatible with each other or with specific lenses and can damage your eyes. Our expert staff can help you decide on the right treatment for your contacts.

All eye doctors recommend cleaning and disinfecting your lenses daily. Make sure to do this as soon as you take out your lenses. Not only will clean contacts ensure that your eyes will be healthier, your lenses will feel better. Never touch solution bottle tips to any surface including your hands since it can dirty the solution. Try to prevent getting tap water on your contacts, including washing your lens container, as it often carries a bacteria that can cause severe eye infections. And of course, remember to throw out your lenses when they have reached their expiration to reduce the risk of infection.

Yes, there may be an array of lens care options, but with a little planning you can be sure you are caring for your lenses correctly, guaranteeing healthier eyes and clearer vision!