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Back to the Classroom Eye Care Tips: Schedule Children’s Eye Exam in Glastonbury

Many doctors stress that approximately 80 percent of learning occurs through a child's eyes. Because a child's eyesight may change frequently, regular eye and vision care is crucial to a student's classroom performance. Unfortunately, most parents don't include vision tests as part of their child's back-to-school doctor's appointment line-up. In addition survey results demonstrate that over half of parents don't bring their child for an eye screening until they are three. The AOA actually suggests that kids have their first sight screening at six months, then complete eye check-ups beginning at age three, before beginning school. Screenings should continue to be booked consistently every other year after.

Many times the issues a child suffers from in school can be the result of sight impairment. The number of students who have undiagnosed vision problems is quite large. Reports show that 60 percent of students identified as students with learning-disabilities really suffer from undiagnosed vision troubles. Your child will be much better off if you take a proactive role in ensuring your child's vision is up to par.

Don't wait until your child enters kindergarten for his first complete eye exam. Pediatricians should do a dilated eye exam to discover any major eye problems by the first two months of life. It's critical to find any problems at a young age, since children are usually more responsive to treatment when taken care of early. Furthermore as a parent, it's important to make sure your child is reading sufficiently. Usually, preschoolers enjoy looking at books and try and figure out words. Children that avoid books or reading may be experiencing a vision problem. A comprehensive vision screening by a pediatric optometrist should be one of the methods used in making a diagnosis. For an eye exam for your child in Glastonbury, CT, call us to schedule an appointment.

Keep in mind that the earlier a vision difficulty is detected and taken care of, the greater the chances for successful treatment. And eyesight is a critical component for school. If a child's vision is impaired, growing visual requirements such as finer print in books or additional homework can considerably influence a student's success. At the same time new technology in the classroom, including the use of interactive SMARTboards, can also possibly make less obvious vision problems worse. Without proper eyesight, children may suffer not only in the classroom, but also socially. Before school starts this year, make sure your child's vision is on par! Call us for a Glastonbury, CT eye exam today.