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Vision Wellness in the Workplace

Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has marked the month of March as Workplace Vision Wellness Month. The purpose of this directive is to educate companies and their employees about the importance of eye health, including safety tips on how to avoid vision-impairing eye incidents.

Every day, employees sustain job related eye injuries that require medical attention. Safety experts and healthcare professionals believe the two main reasons that people sustain eye injuries is either because they fail to protect their eyes or they are using the incorrect type of eye protection.

High risk occupations for eye accidents include construction, manufacturing, mining, woodwork, car and truck repair, electrical work, plumbing, metal welding and maintenance.

Keeping Safety in Sight

There are 4 important tips to avoid eye accidents at work:

  • Learn the eye hazards related to your work.
  • Limit the possibility of danger before starting work by using machine guards, screens or other engineering controls.
  • Request protective glasses that fit correctly and provide enough protection for what you are doing. Your eye doctor will be able to help in selecting the best protective eyewear for your particular situation.
  • Keep your protective eyewear in optimal condition.

Eye Safety with Screens

Those who spend a large portion of their day working on computers or using mobile devices are also at increased risk of discomfort such as blurred vision, headaches and eye strain.

Here are some tips to avoid putting your eyes under unnecessary pressure when working on a computer or using a hand held device:

Implement the 20-20-20 rule to give your eyes a rest. At every 20 minute interval look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If you're using a hand-held device, make the font bigger so you'll be able to use it at a distance better for your eyes.

Additionally try to keep the brightness of your monitor to a comfortable resolution and position your monitor just below eye level to reduce any pressure on your eyes. You may also want to speak to your eye doctor about computer glasses.

If you have any further queries concerning protecting your vision at work, please talk to us today!