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Enjoy Going Greener?

BL recycling program graphic

TotalVision Eyecare of Glastonbury is going greener! We recently completed renovations to our office lighting, switching to brighter, more power efficient light fixtures. These LED fixtures use a fraction of the power of our old fluorescent bulbs, and look better too. Since they last 5-10 times longer, we won’t have to send Dr. Lindower up on a ladder to replace them anymore!

We are also partnering with Bausch & Lomb in their One By One contact lens recycling program! We are now accepting the blister packs (bottom), foil tops and contact lenses themselves of all brands of contact lenses for recycling. These items are usually filtered out of traditional recycling streams because they are too small to process and would otherwise end up in a landfill. Bring your contact lens packaging materials (not the cardboard boxes, though) and we’ll ensure that they get recycled properly.

With every box of recyclable materials we send, B&L also makes a donation to Optometry Giving Sight, a global initiative that targets prevention of blindness. So help us reduce the size of local landfills; every little bit helps! More info at