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Eye Health Library

  • Nutrition is a vital part of maintaining vision and overall eye health, with many expert studies suggesting that up to 25% of all nutrient intake goes to supporting our invaluable visual system.
  • Diabetes is a very serious condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people every year throughout the world.
  • eye disease managementRead about eye diseases the eye doctor expertly diagnoses and manages at TotalVision Eyecare of Glastonbury.
  • eye conditions, boy with binocularsVision problems are quite common so if you are interested in learning more about eye health, you have come to the right place. Below you can click the article titles to learn about several eye conditions which the Glastonbury optometrist diagnoses and treats all the time at our eye doctor's office.
  • flowersIf you have any questions about something you read here, come by for an appointment. We are happy to discuss anything in the field of better vision care with you. We will answer any questions you have about eye diseases, vision problems, contact lenses and eye wear or anything else pertaining to your vision.