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Refractive Surgery

Refractive eye surgery is no small decision, but most people are very satisfied with the outcome. Our Glastonbury, CT eye doctor can help you make the right decision about your vision.

Your Rocky Hill eye doctor will evaluate your eyes and discuss your goals to help you determine whether refractive surgery is for you. Our optometrist will also talk about the pros and cons of various eye surgery options, like LASIK, PRK, or even Cataract Refractive Technology, depending upon your unique vision needs. A pre-operative evaluation will be set up to:

  • Rule out surgical contraindications (such as dry eye)
  • Counsel you regarding the various vision correcting options available
  • Review your eye history and establish refractive stability
  • Determine current refraction
  • Test your eyes
  • Evaluate the cornea and overall eye health

Eye surgeons or ophthalmologists are the only qualified providers of refractive surgery, and we will refer you to a top Glastonbury eye surgeon for a consult, including forwarding any necessary documentation to support your decision. Total Vision of Glastonbury will also be here for you to support you during the post-operative period, including post-surgery medical evaluation, management of vision and corneal healing, and providing advice about post surgical care, follow-ups and eyewear as necessary.

For more information about how we can help you with refractive surgery co-management, call our Glastonbury eye doctor today.


The Office is Temporarily Closed.

In the interest of patient and employee health, we will be closing the office temporarily, and it will remain closed until further notice.


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We can arrange tele-health visits for some emergencies.

If you need to order or pick up glasses, we will not be able to help you until we reopen.

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Take care and stay well; we will see you as soon as we can!