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Our Eye Care Team

Eye Care Team in Glastonbury, CT

The field of optometry is constantly changing and we keep abreast of every new development so that we can provide you with the latest vision care technology.



Jacqui is the master of our front desk…  she'll make your appointment, advise you on your insurance coverage, and answer any questions you may have on almost any aspect of our practice. She has many years of experience in the optical field, and can assist the doctor as well as help you with selecting and dispensing glasses. Jacqui will always greet you with a smile and impress you with her thoroughness and efficiency!



Sonya is a licensed optician, with over 15 years of experience in all areas of eyecare. Her specialty is helping patients select eyewear that looks great, and lenses that are the best for their prescription and lifestyle. Sonya has extensive technical knowledge and a great fashion sense; with her knowledge of what looks great and fits right she will have you walking out looking fantastic and seeing great with your new glasses!


 Sue is our newest team member! She has had years of experience as an optometric technician at another practice, and their loss is our gain. She helps gather exam data for the doctor during your exam, works extensively with our contact lens wearers, and is an important addition to our staff! 



You may not see Barbara that much, but she's the "behind the scenes" anchor of our practice, and she helps us deliver the best patient care possible. Barbara has run many other professional and medical offices before, but she tells us that TotalVision is her hands-down favorite! Our office never would have gotten off the ground without her!


Carolyn came onboard in 2011, and has mastered all aspects of our office with amazing depth and speed. Her calm demeanor makes her someone you'll look forward to seeing on every visit to our office!